OCTD Reunion Groupings

Tres Dias Reunion groups are small groups that meet regularly to encourage each other and continue their Christian growth by sharing their experiences in Piety, Study and Action.

 Tres Dias trains servant leaders for service in their local church. It is a powerful tool the Lord has given you to use in building His kingdom.

Reunion Group Opportunities

Bill Baley bbaley@cox.net | Denny’s on 17th in Tustin
Saturday 8:00 AM Men / Weekly

Duane Beisner dbeisner@yahoo.com | Corner Bakery at 27221 La Paz Rd. in Laguna Niguel Mondays 6:00 PM Men / Weekly

Sue Swarth 714-308-8746. sueswarth@gmail.com | Orange County Area
Sunday 2:00 PM Women / Monthly 4th Sunday

Nancy Romero nancyfromero@gmail.com | Santa Ana
Saturday 9:00 AM Women / Monthly: Second Saturday

Jim Trebilcox jimnesie@sbcglobal.net | Katella Grill Orange
Friday 7:00 AM Men / Weekly

Dick Kaye dickkaye7@gmail.com | Denny’s on El Toro Rd. @ Raymond St.
Thursday 7 AM Men / Weekly

George and Elva Silva elvasilva@aol.com | San Pedro
Saturday 2-4 PM Co-ed /2nd Saturday each month

Joelle Jungblut joellepatnode@gmail.com | Panera Bread in Corona off of Cajaleco Saturday 9-11 am Woman / Monthly Third Saturday

Mike Shellman mshellman@aol.com | Chipotle on Culver and Irvine Blvd.
Monday 1-3 PM Men / Weekly

Dave Henry | Peter’s Parish at Redhill LC
Wednesday 6 AM Men / Weekly

Tres Dias Reunion groups are a small group of friends who meet regularly to encourage each other to continue their Christian growth by sharing their adventures in Piety, Study and Action.

Join a Reunion Group

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. We hope you give Tres Dias the chance to spark a wildfire among the believers in your congregation.

What We Cover

How have I nourished my vital union with Christ this week?

  • Communion, Worship, Spiritual Disciplines
  • Personal prayer: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, Intercession, Petition
  • Family Prayer
  • Prayer in Community, Work, or Church
  • Contact with a fellow Christian or clergy as spiritual friend / advisor

*When did I feel most in need of Christ?
*When did I feel closest to Christ?
*When was I most aware of Christ’s presence?
​*When did I gain some insight into my Christian walk?

What have I done to better understand the word of God?

  • The Bible
  • Meditations
  • Books
  • Discussions
  • Articles
  • Discussions
  • Articles
  • Observations

*How have I used what I studied and what does it mean to me?
*How can I be more effective in my study?
*Do I have a plan to help my study be more God-centered?
*What was significant study experience?
*How did my experience help in relating to God or others?

What success and failure did I experience:

  • in my family?
  • in my work?
  • in my Church?
  • in my community?
  • among my friends?
  • in my broken world?
  • where is my environment?

*How did I fulfill last week’s plan?
*What am I planning to do next week?
*How can I be more effective for Christ?

See a friend, be a friend, and share Christ with your friend.

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